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Charlie Neufeld

A North Carolina native, Charlie spent the last decade working in film and television as an art department researcher, digital asset manager and professional coffee-getter. Her time in film taught her the importance of organization, communication, flexibility, and to never underestimate what good wallpaper can do. Apart from a few years spent living in NYC, the majority of her time in film was spent living out of a suitcase, which contributed greatly to her love of real estate and her desire to find a place to call home. When work brought her to Atlanta, she never looked back.

When not exploring vintage furniture stores, you can find Charlie on a horse, teaching riding lessons at Chastain Horse Park, walking her dogs or tackling a completely unnecessary DIY project at home. A graduate of NC State University (that other school up in NC), Charlie currently resides in Sandy Springs where she enjoys her time finally rooting for a winning football team. Go Dawgs.

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