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A homestead exemption is a property tax reduction available to those who own and occupy a property as their principal place of residence. To apply for a homestead exemption, the home must be your legal residence as of January 1st for all purposes, often including the registration of your vehicles and the filing of your income taxes.


  • You must have a copy of the recorded deed along with additional supporting documents. These documents vary by county.
  • You must apply before April 1st of the year following your closing.


  • Your exemption will be automatically renewed each following year as long as you continue to occupy the home under the same ownership.
  • You cannot have the homestead exemption on more than one property.
  • Electronically Recorded Deeds: Some counties in Georgia now accept deed recordings electronically. If your deed is recorded electronically, you will receive a copy of the recorded deed via email instead of the original deed. For more information on the exemption in your county, click the county name below.


Thank you to our friends at Campbell and Brannon for providing this information.

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