ATLANTA – In 2008, Dorsey Alston, Realtors implemented several environmentally-friendly programs in an effort to become a greener office. Realizing the need to help save our planet and improve the overall quality of our environment, Dorsey Alston has enacted certain green practices throughout the office.  Dorsey Alston’s initiatives have reduced the carbon footprint of the office by significantly lowering the amount of waste produced. Whenever possible, Dorsey Alston utilizes energy-efficient materials and recycled products.  It’s a matter of committing to simple steps, which over time, we know will add up to a greater good in helping out our environment.

Dorsey Alston recycles all printer paper, newspapers and magazines. A paper recycle bin is conveniently provided for agents and staff members in each work room. American Paper Recycling provides a convenient service and picks up all paper waste as needed.

In spring of 2008, Dorsey Alston began recycling bottles and cans. With bins on each floor of the office, agent Cory Wurz regularly collects the cans and bottles for recycling at a local elementary school. Multiple recycling points throughout the office make recycling easy and also cut down on daily waste. Whenever possible, Dorsey Alston uses compact fluorescent light bulbs to light common office areas. Compact fluorescent light bulbs have an average lifetime of eight to 15 times that of regular incandescent light bulbs. With a lifespan of between 6,000 to 15,000 hours compared to that of 750 to 1,000 hours for incandescent bulbs. The use of compact fluorescent light bulbs is estimated to reduce electric bills by approximately 12 percent over the lifespan of the light bulb. All Dorsey Alston printers and computers are also set to enter power saver modes after a period of inactivity, which decreases the amount of energy needed to power these items.

Dorsey Alston is committed to maintaining a green office with plans to introduce additional eco-driven initiatives in 2009.

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