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Dorsey Alston Realtors took an in-depth look at the local housing markets by school districts, the all-important factor that influences home buyers and resale value.

While we found across the board growth in average sales prices and sold homes, some districts experienced greater increases than others.

Metrol Atlanta Homes Sales by School District

In Buckhead, we looked at five of the elementary schools feeding North Atlanta High School. The Morris Brandon Elementary School district experienced one of the most impressive leaps in average sales price, up 23% to $1,247,661. E. Rivers Elementary School followed with a 12% increase, from $810,533 to $910,956 this year.

The Sarah Smith district saw a considerable jump in sales volume, up 85% from the previous year, with a 9% increase in average sales price. Warren T. Jackson and Garden Hills saw comparatively modest increases in average sales price, in the 6 to 5% range.

Pope High School led the way in East Cobb, with a 24% increase in average home sales price, from $428,071 to $532,2000, and a 28% jump in units sold. The average price of a home sold in the Walton High School district was $772,924, up from $633,461. Walton experienced the most significant percentage jump in sold units year to year, from 192 to 276. Sprayberry High School saw a 14% bump in average closed price to $360,842.

Lassiter High School had a 25% increase in units sold, with an average sold price of $485,606, up from $427,950. Wheeler had a similar average price of $457,159, up from $417,003 and a 65% jump in units sold.

Intown, the Morningside Elementary School district had the highest average sales price, $1,198,260, compared to $1,040,651 last year, a 15% increase, with a 32% jump in units sold. Springdale Park Elementary School district followed, with a 76% increase in units sold and an average sales price of $1,006,370, a 5% increase.

The Mary Lin Elementary School district had an average sold price of $862,666, up from $716,252. In contrast, the Fernbank Elementary School district saw an average sales price of $631,352, a 3% increase, and Briar Vista saw an average sales price of $653,251, up 10%.

The Cambridge High School district was the top in North Fulton in terms of the average sales price. It experienced a 32% increase to $869,120. Johns Creek followed, with a 23% increase to $756,564. Milton saw a slightly more significant percentage increase of 25% to $751,932.

Alpharetta came in with an average sales price of $699,506, a 31% increase compared to last year; Roswell was $627,917, a 24% increase and Centennial was $524,404, a 20% jump and and Chattahoochee came in with an average closed sales price of $456,147, a 19% jump over last year.

In Cherokee, Creekview saw an average closed home sales price of $580,909, a 35% increase and in Kennesaw, Kennesaw High School it was $449,933, an 18% increase. Harrison High School experienced a 13% increase to $466,825,

We looked at two elementary school districts in Sandy Springs. Heards Ferry experienced a 16% increase in average closed home price, up from $1,193,967 to $1,388,520, while High Point had a fraction of a percentage point increase to $777,529.

In Brookhaven-Chamblee, we found an increase of the closed price of 11% in the Montgomery Elementary district, from $659,203 to $735,318. In , Ashford Park Elementary the average price was $815,214, an 8% increase, and Huntley Hills dropped in average home price from $432,770 to $426,936.

Dunwoody’s Austin Elementary and Vanderlyn Elementary both had a 100% increase in number of units sold compared to last year. The average sales price was $714,791 for Austin — a 33% increase — and $624,896 for Vanderlyn, a 14% jump.

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