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    Dunwoody is populated with middle to upper-middle class families and large traditional homes. Along with neighboring Sandy Springs, Dunwoody has experienced incredible growth and is one of the most desired and most expensive suburbs in metro Atlanta.[1] Dunwoody is thriving with upscale restaurants, boutiques and specialty shops, all of which are attracting young professionals to the area.  Nearby residents have the opportunity to join Dunwoody Country Club which offers golf, tennis, and a swimming pool.  Dunwoody has several parks including the new 100-acre Brook Run Park. A popular destination is the Dunwoody Nature Center, a 22-acre preserve with wetlands, woodlands and streamside trails.[2] The Spruill Center for the Arts and offers visual and performing arts classes for children and adults of all ages. The Dunwoody Homeowners Association is considered one of the most powerful associations of its kind in the United States; they work closely with the local government to serve the interests of the community.[3] Incorporated as its own city in December 2008, Dunwoody continues to implement city services and initiatives to benefit its residents.[4]

  • Dunwoody History
    Dunwoody, located at the northern most tip of DeKalb County, was initially inhabited by the Cherokee Indian Tribe of Creek Confederation.[5] By the 1830s, settlers moved to the area to build homesteads and the population quickly grew. Dunwoody is named after Major Charles Dunwoody (1828-1905), who, along with his family, brought prosperity to the area with the founding Roswell Manufacturing Company. The oldest and most historic building in Dunwoody, the Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church dates back to 1829.[6].  In 2008, Dunwoody was incorporated as a city.

  • Dunwoody Schools
    Dunwoody is located within the Dekalb County School district.  Children will attend Public Schools which include Austin Elementary, Vanderlyn Elementary, Chestnut Charter Elementary, Kingsley Elementary, Dunwoody Elementary, Peachtree Charter Middle School, and Dunwoody High School.  Nearby private schools include Atlanta Country Day School and Atlanta North School.

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