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As we welcome the cooler days of autumn, the Metro Atlanta real estate market continues to remain vibrant. In this September 2023 market report, we dive into the latest data, providing insights into the changing real estate environment. While there are expected ebbs and flows in new listings and sales numbers characteristic of this season, the strength of the average sales prices across various neighborhoods is evident.

September 2023 Atlanta Housing Report

North Fulton: North Fulton reported an 11% decline in new listings compared to September 2022, leading to a 22% decrease in total active listings. Although the number of sales decreased by 28%, the average sales price rose notably by 9% to $793,559. Detached homes fetched an average of $952,425, while attached homes stood at $532,434. Properties remained on the market for an average of 26 days.

East Cobb: There was a 17% drop in new listings in East Cobb with a corresponding 28% fall in the number of sales year-over-year. However, the average sales price increased by 11% to $558,245. Detached homes in East Cobb averaged $616,754, and attached homes sold for $372,315 on average. Typically, properties were listed for about 27 days.

Buckhead: Buckhead showed consistency with new listings, seeing no change. Yet, there was a 16% reduction in the number of sales relative to September 2022. Despite this, average sales prices grew by 6% to $846,489. Detached homes in Buckhead commanded an impressive average of $1,453,222, with attached homes averaging $516,615. Properties lingered on the market for an average of 28 days.

Intown: The Intown market saw an 11% dip in new listings and a 32% fall in sales year-over-year. Despite this, average sales prices decreased only slightly by 4%, standing at $597,782. Detached Intown homes sold on average for $801,479, while attached homes averaged $453,049. The average days on market was 27 days.

Sandy Springs: Sandy Springs observed a 14% reduction in new listings, culminating in a 28% fall in sales when compared to September 2022. Nevertheless, the average sales prices showed growth, increasing by 4% to $710,858. Detached homes for an average of $1,227,705, and attached homes came in at $369,739. On average, properties stayed on the market for 21 days.

Brookhaven/Dunwoody: Here, new listings went down by 16%, and sales saw a notable 36% decrease compared to the same period last year. Yet, the average sales prices surged, rising by 17% to $773,813. Detached homes fetched about $953,869, and attached homes stood at $457,351. Properties were typically listed for around 20 days.

Metro Atlanta – 11 Counties:
On the broader scale of Metro Atlanta’s 11 counties, new listings shrank by 15%, with active listings decreasing by 16%. Sales decreased by 29%. However, the average sales price showed a healthy growth of 6%. Both detached and attached properties experienced a 6% and 10% growth in their sales prices, respectively.

September 2023’s Metro Atlanta real estate market depicted the usual seasonal alterations, with a decline in both new listings and sales volume from the prior year. However, average sales prices persistently showed strength throughout Metro Atlanta. As we move further into the fall, keeping up to date of these market dynamics becomes paramount for thoughtful real estate choices.

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